• Volumetric video

    Immensely human realities for work and play

    hardware and game engine agnostic, accessible, inclusive and scalable

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    Attention Investors, Brands, Developers, Artists, Producers, Businesses, Teams and Talents 

    Pop us a message and lets meet your objectives for engagement, education, productivity and connecting to humans in AR and VR, the most rewarding and digitally authentic way ever


    Humense provides volumetric video solutions to overcome the two largest hurdles for AR & VR to become mainstream

    a) capturing and displaying human form in dynamic volumetric 3D models and

    b) making it social, safe and scalable


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  • Holographic telepresence



    "Holographic telepresence is as important infrastructure as road, rail and airports"

    Scott O'Brien, CEO and Founder, Humense




    “I simply don't get the logic' of spending £40Billion [on the HS2 rail project] when by 2033 it will be possible to talk to a 'perfect hologram of a person half way around the world sitting on a chair in front of us”

    Lord Mitchell, UK Parliament, 2013

  • Team

    Come and join us as we build the future of entertainment, education, ecommerce, work and living

    Scott OBrien

    CEO & Founder

    100+ AR VR apps. $6M+ of sales in AR/VR since 2010. Major global projects. 20+ world firsts. 3M+ downloads. Deep experience in high security high value IT/media project delivery schedules. Community builder. Multi-award winner *CV + showreel on request


    Priya Sharma

    Software Engineer

    Embedded C/C++, HW/ SW integration. HW design of Rig. Capture system. Image data processing SW (live & offline streaming) - Python, C++, Project management

    Asim Baig

    Signal Processing Engineer

    PhD, 10+ years’ experience Data Science/Machine Learning Unstructured data (images, videos, audio) structured data (time-stamped serial)

    Chen Si

    R&D Engineer

    PhD from UTS researching computer vision, deep learning, human computer interfaces. Responsible for the R&D roadmap and developing graphic pipelines

  • Stories

    Current media creation and distribution is inflexibly structured for the legacy of the 2D "flat world" which has choking points on relationships in business and personal lives. Humense drives to build pipelines and unlock psychologically authentic 3D spatial experiences in broadcast, on-demand and "live" by first enabling human performance along with agnostic and holistic integration of other assets, scenes, scenarios. Here are some stories to give you more background.

    November 21, 2018
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