• Fans are free to experience the action from anywhere in, on and around the play, thanks to our innovative 3D visualisation technology for mobile and eyewear.

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  • Suppose you like your pancakes flat but not your sport squashed to 2D.

    In that case, we convert 2D video imagery to make a dynamic 3D experience so you can walk, run, fly, zoom and teleport in and around the action; life-size or shrunk to table scale for a sci-fi helicopter analytical view.


    This 3D photo-real reconstruction of sport is called volumetric video.

  • Mission

    Listening to fans and sports industry professionals the world over,

    WE are creating a mission with YOU 


    We align our mission with fans to get closer to the action by crossing the white line legally, more action, more agency and the 3D truth of the action

    Rights holders, Sponsors and Stadiums

    We work to help you create the ultimate ticket to the game and a companion to all forms of access - TV, highlights, full match, sponsor messages, games and more

  • Team

    join us as we build the future of

    entertainment, education, ecommerce, work and living

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    Scott OBrien

    CEO & Founder

    100+ AR VR apps. $6M+ of sales in AR/VR since 2010. Major global projects. 20+ world firsts. 3M+ downloads. Deep experience in high security high value IT/media project delivery schedules. Community builder. Multi-award winner *CV + showreel on request


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    Asim Baig

    Signal Processing Engineer

    PhD, 10+ years’ experience Data Science/Machine Learning Unstructured data (images, videos, audio) structured data (time-stamped serial)

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    Chen Si

    R&D Engineer

    PhD from UTS researching computer vision, deep learning, human computer interfaces. Responsible for the R&D roadmap and developing graphic pipelines

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    Ivan Davies

    Chief Experience Officer 

    First-hand experience serving some of the largest sporting and digital communities in the world impacting millions

  • Stories

    Current media creation and distribution is inflexibly structured for the legacy of the 2D "flat world" which has choking points on relationships in business and personal lives. Humense drives to build pipelines and unlock psychologically authentic 3D spatial experiences in broadcast, on-demand and "live" by first enabling human performance along with agnostic and holistic integration of other assets, scenes, scenarios. Here are some stories to give you more background.

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