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Oils ain't oils

how we are course correcting humanity in a digital world

At Humense, our definition of "oil" is the whites in the eye, the authentic cue to trust, loyality, persuasion and bonding affecting every business and personal relationship. This is the key to us pouring in more oxytocin, a key antidote, to our dopamine and endorphin overloaded digital world.

Our "pipelines" are a mix of old and new digital methodologies with a nod to neuroscience, also paying full respect to the stories, ethics and knowledge of our first nations people, through to the imagination of Einstein proteges who dared to "read even more fairytales" to discover the unknowns of the universe and now the multiverse.

Our "fuel stations" are a mix of your imagination and range of devices that you can access. Where we all travel to with these "oils", "pipelines" and "fuel stations" is an enriched world where work and play are reinvented and better connected to purpose at an individual level and collective humanity.